Five Minute Workouts

Five Minute Workouts

These are workouts you can do in five minutes! They are a great warm up or start to your day. Most require no equipment and no training partner. A great way to get in shape in the time you have!

I recommend doing one of these each morning or if you have the time do two. Great start to the day. Do a level 2-4 and then a level 5-9 for a good mix of difficulty.

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Five Minute Workouts
  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 7) falling & crab walks & bear walks oh my!

    This one can be pretty intense with some up and down off the floor. Focus is on falling and standing back up, as well as some bear and crab walking and some good stretching. There is a break down of the moves and falling at the end.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 2) - Breathing

    Level 2: This is a great short workout to do after you have had some hard workout days and maybe soreness. Great way to refocus and start your day with some positive energy. Control your breath and control your life! Happy training. ~TJ

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 4) - Holiday Beginner

    Level 4: Some of the things here can be kind of complicated. Take your time and let it challenge your brain. Don't feel bad if you don't get everything right away. When i watched this i had a hard time with one of the steps and i made the video in the first place. Happy training everybody.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 4) - Beginner Core (Ground)

    Level 4 (core): Ir you have never done these before i recommend working through it once and pausing when you need to to practice. Some of these may seem a little complicated if you've never done them. Happy training. ~TJ

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 8-9)- Holiday Advanced

    I call this one an 8 but only because it is only 5 minutes. The stuff in here is definitely level 9 material. Go at your pace. This is a high cardio workout guys! You can do it. ~TJ

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 7-8) - with Sprawl

    Level 7-8: If you want to pick up the intensity on this one, don't wait as long as i do between sprawls in the beginning. In the second half, when i sprawl and then do push-ups, i don't do the push ups every time in the video. You can do them every time and have them at a fast explosive pace. ...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 3) - warm up 2

    Level 3: This one can be easier if you don't try to stay up on your toes the whole time. This one is pretty basic and a nice easy workout if you have had a hard workout week. Happy training. ~TJ

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 9) - Explosive Jumps

    Level 9 (Legs & core, especially calves): This one is very high intensity. It involves a lot of jumping, sprawls and explosive movement. Go at your own pace.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 5) - Alternative Squatting

    Level 5 (upper legs & claves): This one gives a nice burn to the legs. A lot of touching the ground and squatting down to attack.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 5-9): Punching Bag

    Level 5-9 (Cardio, Arms, Core, Chest): Why is this workout level 5-9? You can vary the level of difficulty in this tremendously. If you go through slowly and work on the form as a beginner, it can be a solid 4. But... if you are advanced and attack the bag, be explosive with your movements thi...

  • 5 minute workout (Level 7) - abs

    Level 7 (core & abs): Various exercises for the abs, 45 seconds each. This would be a good one to do twice in a row if you are feeling motivated. Happy training everyone. ~TJ

  • 5 minute workout (Level 7) - kicks and legs 1

    Level 7: This is a good one for toning the legs. A little bonus work at the end with a couple of isometric exercises.

  • 5 minute workout (Level 7) - Punches & Arms

    Level 7 (Arms, chest, shoulders, core): You can really modify the intensity on this one based on how quickly you are punching. Keep the pace up and this will be a nice toning workout for your arms and chest. Hang in there for the bonus plank series at the end and work the core as well. Happy ...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 5) - Defensive Movement

    Level 5 (legs, especially calves and core): You can modify this one intensity wise by being more explosive and quicker in your movements, or slowing down if you need to. This is a very important skill set to have. This is a great one to wake you up and get the body moving in the morning.

  • 5 minute workout - with focus pads

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 3-4) - Defense (Covering)

    Level 3-4: You can make this one a lot easier by not trying to stay on the toes the whole time. If you do that you can really focus on the technique which i would recommend if you are new. These defensive techniques are really important for your martial arts so practice them. Happy training ~TJ

  • 5 minute workout (Level 5) - body mechanics

    Level 5: This is a good workout to start feeling how to put your whole body into your punches. When you punch you want to turn the hips and have the whole body support the punch. Tips: Focus on reaching out with your punches toward the target, imagine the target. Turn your shoulders toward the...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 4) - Interceptions

    Level 4 (the mind): We work on three different interceptions in this workout and then a combination. There is a more complicated bonus combination at the end. We do the parry & hit, the cover & hit and the parry & oblique kick. If it is new i recommend don't worry about staying up on your toes...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 5) - Pendulum

    Level 5 (legs & core): You can really alter the intensity level on this one. If you want a lighter workout don't bounce on the toes, just focus on the techniques and the footwork. If you want a higher intensity workout, be explosive and up the footwork. Happy training ~TJ

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 8) - May 8 2017

    Level 8 (butt, abs, core, arms): This is a good mixed workout. Lots of cardio in the first part and if you stick around for the bonus you get some push-ups and planks and body weight exercises to boot! ~TJ

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 6): Lower Abs

    Level 6: A group of exercises designed to target the lower abs. Each exercise is 30-45 seconds.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 6): Step and Slide

    Level 6 (calves and legs, cardio): This workout is very easy to make harder or easier. The step and slide is very important for your fighting and can help you cross distance. The more you stay on your toes and make your movements explosive the more you will get out of this cardio and sweat wis...


    Level 7: A lot of alternatives to squatting and modified squatting in this. The first half is the harder part. Remember when you get to the part with the bob & weave & punches to keep your hands up when you evade. Happy training guys! ~TJ

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 6 or 9): Spinning & Jumping

    Level 6 or 9: The moves in this workout are more complicated. If you are comfortable with them workout level is about a 6. If they are new this could be a 9 or 10 for you.

    If you are new to martial arts, start this video at 6:15 in and go through the break down of the moves slowly. There is ...