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Fitness, defense and enlightenment of mind, body and spirit. Sign up now for full access to complete online classes, most of which require no equipment and no partner that you can do from the privacy of your own home.

  • New Subscribers Start Here

    5 videos

    The videos in this series are great for the beginner and also for advanced students so we all are using the same terms for the various techniques, attacks and defensive moves we will be using in our later videos.

  • Online Classes: Virtual Dojo

    33 videos

    These classes are general martial arts workouts that incorporate a variety of skills. A great resource if you cannot get to the gym or if you prefer to learn at your own pace and in your own location.

  • Online Classes: Striker's Academy (Punching and strikes with the arms)

    5 videos

    In these classes we break down punching range and striking. Basic strikes are covered including elbows which occur in the clinching range and any other attacks done with the arms.

  • Five Minute Workouts: Punching Focused

    6 videos

  • Online Classes: Kicking Institute

    6 videos

    These classes focus on kicking and various strikes with the legs. This is a very important range. Kicks are your longest weapons and it is important to have an effective kicking range so you can control when an attacker gets close to you and thus control the distance.

  • Five Minute Workouts: Kicking Focused

    6 videos

  • Online Classes: Footwork University

    14 videos

    Footwork lessons galore! This is a super important often overlooked part of being a good fighter. Follow these classes and start being really hard to hit and float like a butterfly while you sting like a bee!

  • Five Minute Workouts: Footwork

    3 videos

  • Online Classes: Defense

    4 videos

  • Five Minute Workouts - Defense

    5 videos

  • Online Classes: Interceptions & Trapping

    4 videos

  • Five Minute Workouts - Interceptions & Trapping

    3 videos

  • Art of the Focus Mitts

    9 videos

    One of my favorite and most versatile training tools to enhance your training, timing, speed, power and all around skills. Follow these steps to make your focus pads drills monster workouts to develop awesome martial arts skills.

  • Online Classes: Weapons

    2 videos

    Classes for escrima, knife, flexible weapons and more.

  • Five Minute Workouts

    55 videos

    These are workouts you can do in five minutes! They are a great warm up or start to your day. Most require no equipment and no training partner. A great way to get in shape in the time you have!

    I recommend doing one of these each morning or if you have the time do two. Great start to the ...

  • Exercise & Workouts

    10 videos

    Workouts specifically designed for physical fitness, toning, cardio, calisthenics and overall health.

  • Desk-ercise!

    11 videos

  • Low Impact Online Classes

    5 videos

    These workouts are geared to be low impact on the joints and a little easier on the body. Think of them as MMA Tai Chi.

  • Online Classes (Partners & Focus Mitts)

    3 videos

    These classes require a partner and most of them use the focus pads.

  • Training Drills

    3 videos

  • Online Classes: Parent/Child

    8 videos

    These classes are geared towards workouts you can do with your children. Take the time to pause any time you need to and help your kids get the skills and concepts and you may find that they help you a lot too. Great thing to do with your children.