Five Minute Workouts

Five Minute Workouts

These are workouts you can do in five minutes! They are a great warm up or start to your day. Most require no equipment and no training partner. A great way to get in shape in the time you have!

I recommend doing one of these each morning or if you have the time do two. Great start to the day. Do a level 2-4 and then a level 5-9 for a good mix of difficulty.

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Five Minute Workouts
  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 6) - Desk-ercise! "Onto the Floor"

    Level 6: Working off the chair and getting up and down off the floor. Some good work for the legs and some good stretching too.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 5) - Desk-ercise!

    Level 5: This one does not require much space. You will need to have room to get down and do a crab walk next to your desk. There is a lot of up and down off the floor in this one. Give it a try! Leave a comment how hard it is for you on a scale of 1-10 (10 is the hardest & you could not do it.)

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 2) - Beginner Punching

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 2) - Beginner Kicks

  • 5 Minute Workout (3.5 level): Evasive Defense

    This one was about a 3.5 difficulty rating for me but this stuff is really important and will help with your back flexibility, footwork and defense. To enhance it and bring up the intensity make sure to really stay on the toes the whole time. Also, evade with purpose like someone is really tryi...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 7): Arms & Punches

    TJ Rating 7: Good workout for the arms. If you wish, i would pair this one with one of the 5 minute workouts for defense or evasion. Do that one first and then this one. That will give a good warm up and then a nice workout for your upper body. Happy training! ~TJ

  • 5 Minute Workout (level 3): Covering Defense

    TJ Level 3. Not too hard physically but the skills in this are actually very important. To give you a little stretch and wake up in the morning, make sure to stay on your toes and bounce around as you do this one.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 7): Leg Conditioning

    Main body part: Thighs and buttocks. Nice burn for the legs in this one. Without the bonus workout at the end i would give it a solid 6. If you do the whole thing really sit into those isometrics and you will feel a nice burn for the legs.

  • 5 Minute Workout - Hand Speed and Trapping (Level 4)

    I feel like this one was about a 4. Stayed up on my toes the whole time and have been in Louisiana just doing grappling so i did feel the arms and shoulders since this was the first time i have done this kind of stuff in about 2 months. One modification i made is i would add a kick after each han...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 8): Difficult Cardio & Legs

    A lot of constant motion in this one. Really good cardio here. You will also be getting up and down off the ground. I think the intensity on this is an 8, but if you slow down your footwork and take your time, you can go at your own pace.

  • 5 Minute Workout (level 4): Footwork with punches

    Main body area targeted: calves, triceps, shoulders, chest.
    This one was a 5 for me this morning. That is all about how much you stay up and keep bouncing on your toes. My calves felt this workout. The skills in this one or great and you could take this from anywhere at a 2 to a 7 depending o...

  • 5 Minute Workout (level 5): Fight Skills

    Think this one was about a 5. A couple of modifications i made: When doing the 4 punch combo i would change the 3rd punch so i was doing a jab-cross-*3rd punch*-cross. That 3rd punch could be a hook, uppercut, overhand or elbow. Also when you get to the 4 punch and then fall, you can really pick ...

  • 5 Minute Workout (level 3): Slipping:Body Mechanics with punches

    Physically this is about a 3 for me, but mentally, especially if you have not done this type of thing, it can be a 7 or 8. You are making your mind do 2 things at once. The idea is to keep the slipping and evasion or the body turns and mechanics going while you do random punches. I recommend d...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Physical level 2, mental level 8): Trapping Moves

    Main muscle groups: Chest, shoulders, triceps, mind. At the speed of the video i would give it about a 2 on the physical scale of challenge.... but.... the mental challenge difficulty of this if you have never done these before is going to run as an 8 or 9. Trapping is complicated. Feel free ...

  • 5 Minute Workout (level 3): Stretch & Legs

    This is a pretty relaxed workout that has some good exercises for toning and working the legs and butt. I would pair this one with a higher level five minute workout. Do this one first then pick another that is a level 6-8. That will make a nice 10 minute routine to do in the morning and get y...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 5): Kicks

    Did this workout when i had a biceps tendon injury so it is light on the arms. The Thai kicks in the beginning and the leg raises at the end require a little bit of room around you so you can freely move. If you want some extra workout for your butt, do 2-3 sets of the leg raises from the groun...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 6): Footwork Madness (4-21-18)

    Level 6. This is a workout you can really pick up the pace for if you wish. A good workout to train your footwork and break falls, and some movement on the ground. A lot of these moves are broken down more thoroughly in the online class of the same name. I'd recommend doing that one first.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 6): Falling & Standing

    Good workout including the break fall and getting up quickly. Also various crab walk and bear walk moves which are always a good workout. The workout starts about 2 minutes in the video, in the beginning is some explanation of the moves.

  • 5 Minute Workout June 23, 2017 - Savate Kicks (Level 7)

    Level 7 (core, glutes, legs): This one is easier for me because i am used to the kicks. It can be much harder if these are new skills for you. This workout has multiple kicks without touching the ground. Feel free to touch the ground between kicks if you are just learning. Happy training.

  • 5 minute workout (level 6): spinning

    Level 6 (legs, butt and core) A couple of combinations involving various spinning attacks. A little more advanced. There is a break down of the moves at about 5 minutes 40 seconds if you want to watch that first.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 7): Cardio Madness

    Level 7: This is a pretty intense 5 minutes guys. Let me know what you think and please go at your pace. Curious to see your comments and what you think. You can really adjust the intensity level based on the energy you put in. If you are really explosive and working those fast twitch muscle...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 4): Neck, back & gluteous maximus

    Level 4 (works the neck, lower back and glutes): This one may be harder for you if you are not used to using these muscles. I would really recommend that if this is truly about a 4 for you, do it 2-5 times. Get those sets in and it will be a nice burn for those muscle areas. Happy training.

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 5): Knee Strength

    (Thighs and Glutes). If you are having knee problems, stay away from the cool down bouncing at the end. Feel free to do a couple of sets of this workout if you have the time. These exercises are not meant to diagnose or cure any medical condition. Consult your doctor about any aches and pains ...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 7): Grappling Drills

    This one is a really good core workout, especially if you are not used to this type of thing. Some of these may be confusing if you have not done them before. Feel free to send me questions at [email protected] ~Happy training.