Five Minute Workouts: Punching Focused

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  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 2) - Beginner Punching

  • 5 Minute Workout (level 3): Slipping:Body Mechanics with punches

    Physically this is about a 3 for me, but mentally, especially if you have not done this type of thing, it can be a 7 or 8. You are making your mind do 2 things at once. The idea is to keep the slipping and evasion or the body turns and mechanics going while you do random punches. I recommend d...

  • 5 minute workout (Level 5) - body mechanics

    Level 5: This is a good workout to start feeling how to put your whole body into your punches. When you punch you want to turn the hips and have the whole body support the punch. Tips: Focus on reaching out with your punches toward the target, imagine the target. Turn your shoulders toward the...

  • 5 Minute Workout (level 4): Footwork with punches

    Main body area targeted: calves, triceps, shoulders, chest.
    This one was a 5 for me this morning. That is all about how much you stay up and keep bouncing on your toes. My calves felt this workout. The skills in this one or great and you could take this from anywhere at a 2 to a 7 depending o...

  • 5 minute workout (Level 7) - Punches & Arms

    Level 7 (Arms, chest, shoulders, core): You can really modify the intensity on this one based on how quickly you are punching. Keep the pace up and this will be a nice toning workout for your arms and chest. Hang in there for the bonus plank series at the end and work the core as well. Happy ...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 7): Arms & Punches

    TJ Rating 7: Good workout for the arms. If you wish, i would pair this one with one of the 5 minute workouts for defense or evasion. Do that one first and then this one. That will give a good warm up and then a nice workout for your upper body. Happy training! ~TJ