Low Impact Online Classes

Low Impact Online Classes

These workouts are geared to be low impact on the joints and a little easier on the body. Think of them as MMA Tai Chi.

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Low Impact Online Classes
  • Online Class: MMA Tai Chi 5

  • Low Impact Online Class: MMA Tai Chi

    In this low impact class we go slow motion with some of our boing, Thai Boxing and footwork. MMA Tai Chi, not really Tai Chi and not really MMA but a similar idea. The moves of Tai Chi are actually very brutal and combative when applied, they are just slowed down as we tend to see them performe...

  • MMA Tai Chi 2

    Another low impact workout, this time we focus on some wing chun trapping moves and even throw a little Indonesian Silat in there. Good for coordination, some of the moves make you do two things at once like defend and attack.

  • Online Class MMA Tai Chi 3

    Some kung fu blocks... chi gung style, plus footwork with punches and some crescent kicks. Do this one as slow as you can and work on your form. Also remember to keep the hands up during your punches.

  • Online Class (MMA Tai Chi 4)

    Some combinations done in slow motion to really focus on body mechanics and fighting stance and punching basics. I highly recommend doing this one after our beginner punching workout, or do the first half of that one, then this one, then finish out that one.