Five Minute Workouts: Footwork

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  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 6): Step and Slide

    Level 6 (calves and legs, cardio): This workout is very easy to make harder or easier. The step and slide is very important for your fighting and can help you cross distance. The more you stay on your toes and make your movements explosive the more you will get out of this cardio and sweat wis...

  • 5 Minute Workout (Level 5) - Pendulum

    Level 5 (legs & core): You can really alter the intensity level on this one. If you want a lighter workout don't bounce on the toes, just focus on the techniques and the footwork. If you want a higher intensity workout, be explosive and up the footwork. Happy training ~TJ

  • 5 Minute Workout (level 4): Footwork with punches

    Main body area targeted: calves, triceps, shoulders, chest.
    This one was a 5 for me this morning. That is all about how much you stay up and keep bouncing on your toes. My calves felt this workout. The skills in this one or great and you could take this from anywhere at a 2 to a 7 depending o...